Your King Is Crowned A Ha!


Your King Is Crowned A Ha! 

There were 54 Gorillas and now there’s just one, Alan Gorilla, but he’ll soon be joining his pri-mates for a pre auction reunion.

Alan Gorilla was a late comer to the GoGo Gorilla trail, created due to public demand to coincide with the world premiere of Alan Partridge.

In his short time on the trail he captured the hearts of Norwich and today he wears his crown after being voted everyones favourite Gorilla

It’s been a whirlwind of a time for Alan Gorilla, created in literally days by local artist Phil Daniels and his daughter, Sam. A sponsor was quickly found for him, he was then whisked off to the Alpha Papa, the film premier at Anglia Square where Alan Partridge himself ( Steve Coogan) signed his arm.

He has since been in residence at his sponsors shop, abbotFox on Upper King St.

Samuel Legood co founder of abbotFox said “Never in my wildest dreams thought we’d ever have a gorilla who looked like Alan Partridge in our office, but he’s now one of the team and we’re going to miss him when he goes”

Samuel went onto to say that since getting involved with GoGo Gorillas to raise funds for charities Break and Born Free Foundation, abbotFox have made Break their 2014 official charity.

Alan Gorilla will be next appearing at the Forum, Thursday, October 3rd, where he’ll be auctioned off by Jake Humphrey, TV presenter and a patron for Break.

Alan Gorilla will be on view with his crown for one more week only

abbotFox 2A Upper King St, Norwich, NR3 1AH


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