Would You Buy A Haunted House?


Halloween is now just around the corner and Norfolk has quite a history with the supernatural. There have been numerous sightings of ghosts on the Norfolk Broads and in 2002 a team of experts decided to investigate. Using cameras and heat sensitive scanners the team spent five nights trying to track down the mystery sightings but nothing was ever found. Andrew Wright, who conducts research into the paranormal, argued that “99% of the so called ghost reports are nothing” but this still leaves 1% unaccounted for. Elsewhere in Norfolk there is speculation that the Maids Head Hotel is haunted. There have been sightings of the ghosts of deceased maids roaming the 13th century building as well as a former mayor walking around the courtyard.

Norfolk also has a history with strange weather phenomena with reports of fish raining down on Sunday 6th August 2000 as a result of a tornado. In the Norfolk Fenlands residents have claimed they have returned to see their washing covered in a black dust. There have also been several UFO sightings dating back to the early 1900s. Visitors to Norwich are often very curious about the city’s history with the supernatural and there are even Ghost Walk tours available for people to see the spooky spots of Norwich.

So, with all these spooky sightings and strange occurrences would you ever buy a haunted house or one that was supposedly haunted? The Telegraph has revealed what it believes to be the perfect Halloween home which is on sale in Scotland and comes with its own active cemetery. Here at abbotFox we have a passion for Norfolk property and we also love Halloween. So, if you have any spooky stories to tell about living in Norfolk or photographs of unexplained sightings then we want to hear about them. Tweet your experiences or pictures to @abbotFox or share your comments on our Facebook page. Enjoy Halloween!

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