Win £1,000 for referring your friends!


If you know someone who is currently looking to sell their property, send them our way and when the completion of their sale is finalised we will pay you £100.


If you are lucky enough to have your friend sell AND buy with us then we can offer you a £200 reward.


There is no cap on the amount of people you can refer, meaning if you send 10 people our way and they all sell their property through us; you will be the beneficiary of £1,000.


This person doesn’t even have to be an acquaintance, as long as they are looking to sell their home and you point them in our direction, the money is yours.


All you need to do is provide us with your friend’s name, telephone number and address by sending them to or calling us on 01603 660000 in addition to your details, from which we can update you. Can you please leave a reference of SOCIALMEDIA with the phonecall or email . After that you can leave to it to us to do the rest.


It is a completely obligation free service for the person you refer, we will send out some reading material to them and speak about how we can help. We will then leave the ball in their court and allow them to make a pressure free decision in their own time. When the sale nears completion, we will organise for a cheque or transfer direct into your bank account for when the deal is confirmed.


It really is that easy and remember there is no limit on the number of people you can refer, so if you happen to know a few people who are currently thinking of moving then you could be sitting on a small fortune. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Josh Cousens - abbotFox


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