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The popular coastal village of Mundesley, as like most places in England, had its private section in the Domesday Book of 1086 and is thought to have been previously known as Museleai. The area was one of the many villages that William the Conqueror gave to William de Warenne in gratitude for his allegiance. The Mundesley war memorial is dedicated to sailors and volunteers from the area that cleared the North Sea of mines during the Second World War.


In present day, Mundesley is a very attractive tourist destination in the warmer summer months, however does hold a local population of circa 2,500 residents throughout the year. Many cite the invigorating and fresh North Sea air as the finest breeze in the country. Mundesley beach is widely regarded to be one of the tidiest around, and is considered to be one of the most popular in Norfolk, with safe swimming for youngsters when the tide is out.


The village is able to offer a variety of picturesque coastal walks and provides shops, pubs, a medical centre, a library, post office and various B&BS. The village has managed to retain much of its old world charm, with thatched roofs, stone walls and many quaint cottages found scattered throughout Mundesley.


Mundesley is a wonderful, unspoilt English village that possesses a strong community feel. Numerous events are held throughout the calendar year, including a play which is put on twice a year by the Mundesley Players in the Coronation Hall and a village cinema that airs films on a monthly basis. A traditional Christmas pantomime is annually performed and the proceeds are given to local charities.


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