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Modern houses are full of technology from fibre optic broadband, burglar alarms to central heating systems but it was not that long ago that these new technologies were only just being introduced.

The pace of technological change has been rapid over the last ten years and houses have become more and more high tech. This trend looks set to continue and in another ten years time the houses people live in may well be very different to how they look today. In fact there are already properties on the market which boast an array of high tech features including central heating systems which can be controlled through a smartphone, wireless speakers and phone chargers built into every room and windows which act as displays which can show anything you want. Whilst many of these features may be seem as a gimmick and not essential there are other modern technological innovations, such as heating pumps built under properties, which could save people huge amounts of money on their monthly bills.

So, it is possible that these features will become essential for future house hunters in the way that today we expect houses to come with central heating systems and internet access? It certainly looks that way and we are already starting to see this happen. Super fast fibre optic broadband was previously seen as a luxury but now more and more people are in fact dismissing properties which don’t have this fast access to the internet. Even a few years ago this was not really an issue for house hunters and this reflects how quickly technology is evolving. Furthermore, once people live in a house with modern technologies, such as fibre optic broadband, they don’t want to take a step back and move to a property which does not have these features.

Technology certainly plays an important part in modern houses and this is evident from the number of plug sockets you find in every single room to accommodate the growing number of devices we own.

This is especially important for younger generations in particular, such as students, who expect to have a strong phone signal and broadband connection where they live. However, there are some people who question whether this really is the correct view of the future and highlight several drawbacks to all of this technology. The first of these is cost because, despite how popular technologies such as fibre optic broadband are, they are also very expensive and are too much for a lot of people to justify spending money on. This may well be the case with technologies in the future especially if they are not seen to be essential.

There is also the argument about whether people will actually want these features and many believe that all this technology will take away from the relaxation that a house should provide. There is certainly strong evidence to support this as a lot of people choose to live in bespoke and historic properties which may not have all of the modern technological features but have a history and character that more than makes up for this. However, it is of course always difficult to make predictions on future technology and houses of the future may be completely different to what we expect.

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