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There is an increasing misconception occurring throughout the offices of many estate agents and sellers up and down the UK. Many seem to think that listing a property online through portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla will do the selling for them. In a rapidly developing digital age, this misconception is easy to comprehend, with more users than ever engaging and consuming the internet. Nevertheless, we at abbotFox like to do things deliberately different and firmly believe that undertaking a proactive approach to selling is obligatory to have success.


We strongly believe that our energetic process of making calls and contacting our active database of 7,992 registered clients is a fruitful and correct way of conducting business. We are not content on resting on our laurels and letting buyers come to us from the online advert, we ensure to fast-track the process by conversing with customers that could be well suited to a certain property.     


A recent example that proves the strength of our outgoing methodology was when an online agent had a property listed for sale on the internet. Over the duration of a fortnight, the agent was ineffective in securing any viewings, which resulted in abbotFox taking over the property. Without listing the property online or even featuring it in the newspaper, we managed to secure four viewings for the property within 48 hours, purely through picking up the phone and talking with possible and appropriate buyers.


Understanding the fine balance between the use of the internet, newspaper advertisements and outgoing calls is what has brought us great success in only three years of existence. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach and make over 2,000 calls a day but we are also great advocates of having an active social media presence. We have recently been noted as number 9 on Zoopla’s most influential estate agents in the UK and understand that it serves as a great platform to spread the reach of our marketing brand and the perfect place to advertise.


Advertising offline is another central fragment to our practice. We warrant to list properties in both local and national newspapers to broaden the potential number of buyers. We use professionally trained photographers to shoot the homes, guaranteeing the best quality of advert, which we feel is a vital part, when assembling a worthy newspaper advert.


The UK property market is an ever-changing roller coaster ride and agents need to be tactically aware of how to succeed. Without the nous and savoir-faire of how to attract buyers, many will struggle to flourish. Without doubt there are many online media benefits involved in the property world and a modern day agent should be reaping the rewards that it can offer as a marketing and communication tool. Offline marketing is still an important factor also. Newspapers serve as a great platform to advertise and without utilising them, opportunities will almost certainly be lost. Above all else though, ensuring to be proactive whilst selling and reaching out to clients is central to our company philosophy.


If you are interested in selling your home with abbotFox, give us a call on 01603 660000 or come in and see us at Kingsley House, 2a Upper King Street, NR3 1AH.


Josh Cousens - abbotFox


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