Should an estate agent be dressed to impress?


A neatly pressed suit, polished shoes and a clean cut haircut could be the difference between becoming a successful estate agent and failing. An agents personal branding is one of the most important aspects in their locker, it allows vendors and clients to be inspired with confidence that they have chosen the right agent from the successful and assured aura that they naturally emit.


In an image focused business, appearance is vital, and a cheap suit looking like it has worn one too many times without seeing a dry cleaner, and unpolished shoes is really not going to do you any favours. An individual who hasn’t seen a razor lately or taken a trip to the barbers is likely to arouse suspicion in a client that you are lazy, disorganised, have no personal pride and possess an it’ll do attitude.  


The ideal agent will be well groomed, wearing a good quality suit in a clean and presentable state, with polished shoes and a neat haircut, if the agent is a female; her makeup will be carefully applied. The overall impression will be very presentable, allowing the client to feel that you are conscientious, organised, and efficient and wanting to make a good impression, which will all work in your favour.


Of course you don’t want to be too flashy, there is a fine line between the smartly dressed professional that appears respectable, trustworthy and someone you would like to business with and the salesman wearing his shiny suit. There is a stereotypical viewpoint that a shiny or slick suit reveals an aura of untrustworthiness in the agent, so take care when selecting your suits. 


We are not just talking about the suit you are wearing. Arriving promptly and leaving enough time to prepare for house viewings in a cleanly washed car can make all the difference in impressing your clients. Other forms of communication are also important, such as emails, phone calls and text messages, ensure that you are punctual in your grammar, as it is all part of your personal brand.


At abbotFox, we deal with a wide array of houses for sale in Norwich and understand the importance of appearing well presented. We would like to hear your viewpoints of how you think estate agents should dress. Do you think that it is important for an estate agent to wear a suit, or would you like to see them in a uniform or a more casual dress code? Please let us know by writing into our social media channels, on Twitter and Facebook.


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