Our Christmas Competition Winners


During December we held a Christmas competition.

During December 2013 we ran a Christmas calendar competition to get everyone in the mood for the holidays and also to give out some great prizes every day in December up until Christmas Day. We simply asked people to name one of Santa’s reindeers and to enter via the abbotFox website. The response we had was outstanding and we had over one thousand entries to the competition. Twenty five winners were then chosen and each day a door was opened from our specially designed advent calendar which revealed the winner of the day.

The team here at abbotFox all got a chance to open one of the doors of the advent calendar including our Jake Humphrey gorilla who revealed the Christmas Eve winner. We took some fantastic photos including Marcus opening his advent calendar door whilst standing upside down. All of the winners received a chocolate reindeer except for the Christmas Day winner who was rewarded with a Chocolate Santa Claus. We still have reindeers left so please check our Pinterest page to see if you are a winner so you can come and claim your prize. On our page you will also find photos of the winners who came in to collect their prizes.

It was great to be able to share all of the Christmas photos on our Twitter and Facebook pages so that other people could take part. We want to say a big Thank You to everyone who got involved with the Christmas competition, we hope you had a lovely time and we'd like to wish you a Happy New Year.

Tim Miller – abbotFox Community Manager

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