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Rightmove intel recently revealed that over the month of July, abbotFox agreed more sales than any other agent in Norwich, selling a substantial 13 more properties than the closest rival. The deliberately different abbotFox approach has repeatedly delivered results for our clients because of our enthusiastic, innovative and proactive way of doing things.


The sales staff are extremely motivated to hit targets and deliver paramount levels of customer service, due to their 100% commission based salary, irrelevant of the current market trends. This ensures to maintain a driven and focused aura within the team and to build on current successes. The company’s triumphs are largely down to the proactive and energetic methodology of dialling out to our extensive database of over 7,000 registered buyers, instead of waiting for them to come to us. The team are targeted on the calls they make and have been known to make in excess of 50,000 a month, proving that a proactive approach achieves results.


Longer opening hours until 7pm weekdays and seven days a week allow the regular 9-5 worker every opportunity to speak with us about their property requirements. We believe that this philosophy is a practical way of conducting business and the staff can often be seen working beyond the usual 9-7, because going that extra mile gets results.


If you are currently on the market with another agent or just thinking of selling, we can arrange for a free, up to date valuation of your property, guarantee active buyers in your area and allow you to feel reassured that you have chosen the right agent. If you would like to arrange this, please email, call 01603 660000 or come in and speak to us as 2a Upper King Street, Norwich, NR3 1AH.


Josh Cousens - abbotFox


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