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The 2015 National Student Summary has been released today and it declared that our very own University of East Anglia, has climbed to joint-second in the rankings for overall student satisfaction. A whopping 92 per cent of full-time undergraduates at the university said that they definitely or mostly agreed that they were satisfied with the quality of their course. The accolade is a place higher than the UEA’s third place finish in the previous survey, signalling the growing popularity and admiration that Norwich is emitting.


Norwich is becoming an increasingly popular location, for settlers moving from other parts of the UK, due to its emerging reputation as one of the best places to live in the country. The university is categorized as one of the top performing institutes in the UK, but it is not just the university students who think Norwich is the place to be, there are arrays of other alluring factors that are drawing people from all over the country to our beloved county.


Our beautiful Norfolk Broads are the nation’s only national park to have a city included within it. Residents are able to revel in all the culture and facilities that Norwich city has to offer and yet only be a boat ride away from the picturesque, rural countryside. The geographical layout of the county, entitles Norfolk to some of the most commended beaches in the UK, including Wells, Hunstanton and Waxham.


The return of Norwich City Football Club to the top flight of English football will inevitably bring a boost to the local economy. Business experts have foreseen that just one season in the Premier League could generate up to a whopping £90million for the local economy through the tourism avenue and particularly, hotels, bars, attractions and restaurants, signalling a brilliant time to move to Norwich.


Ongoing road developments are in place to improve traffic qualms, which were previously a black mark against the city. The competed dual carriageway improvements to the A11, have already been received with commendable plaudits, with some people admitting that it has shaved an hour off their commute to London. The planned development of the Northern Distributor Road is also in place to further speed up traffic around the county.    


The Norfolk property market is currently booming and there has never been a better time to emigrate to Nelson’s county. Wide assortments of housing developments are being erected across the county to accommodate the increasing number of buyers looking to invest in the area. abbotFox have an assortment of houses for sale in Norwich and we are currently in possession of a record sized database, meaning that we have access to over 7,000 buyers already looking for property in the area.


If you are presently considering selling, we will be delighted to arrange a free valuation of your property. To arrange this, simply ring the office on 01603 660000 or email info@abbotfox.co.uk.



Josh Cousens – abbotFox



Image sourced from Flickr - John Fielding


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