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A common misapprehension amongst clients is the notion that persevering with the same agent is the best option and will eventually result in success. This impression is most definitely incorrect, all agents are different and changing agents can often produce immediate results.


We were recently instructed to take on two properties that had been struggling to secure viewings through other agents, over a 12 month period. The sellers were initially deterred and had appeared to lose faith in agency altogether after the lack of success that they had with the other agents in Norwich. We assured them that we were different to the rest and that we would be able to achieve greater results than they had already seen. So confident were we that we proposed joint agency, whereby the existing agents were able to continue with their marketing.


The size of our agency proved to be the difference, next to the previous agents that had held both of the properties on the market, because of the sheer size of the database of clients that we are able to access. Having such a large client archive allows us the luxury of accessing a far greater quantity of potential buyers.


After almost 12 months of being on the market and having a limited number of viewings and no offers with the other agents, we managed to secure 13 viewings in just 24 hours for each property. Within just three days both properties were sold, prior to adverts going online through property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla.


The proactive ethos that is embedded into the abbotFox culture repeatedly reaps positive results. Dialling out to our extensive database of clients allowed us to book in a large number of viewings and secure an offer, without even using the internet, where other agents had largely failed.


We promise you that we will utilize all our resources to ensure that your property is given the maximum amount of exposure to help sell for the best price in your preferred timespan. If you are currently on the market and yet to sell, we would love to be able to help sell your property and allow you to be entitled to our substantial database of over 7,000 registered buyers.


We are happy to provide verified case studies, in which we have successfully negotiated a sale, where other agents have failed. Please call the office on 01603 660000 or email to arrange this.

Josh Cousens – abbotFox



Image sourced from Flickr - Flazingo Photos


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