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Social media has influenced almost every business sector and has changed the way in which organisations communicate with their customers and clients. By far the biggest social network is Facebook which will be celebrating its 10th Birthday next week with over a billion users. However,  today it faces strong competition from the ever growing number of rival social networks. Estate agents have always kept up to date with new technology from putting listings online to creating apps for smartphones and tablets. At abbotFox social media has always been an important part of the way we communicate with our clients and engage with the local Norfolk community.

As an estate agent we have seen the numerous benefits that social media offers. For us by far the most important aspect of using social media is actively engaging with other users. This has enabled us to build strong relationships with local residents and organisations. In our previous blog post we discussed the strong sense of community in Norfolk and it is no different on social media. By engaging with the community online we ensure we stay up to date with everything that is going on in Norfolk and can then provide that information and insight to clients looking to move to the county. We often receive questions on social media, particularly Twitter, from clients who enjoy the speed and ease with which they can send us a message online. With new mortgage schemes such as Help To Buy social media also provides a platform for us to share useful information and answer any questions clients have about purchasing a property.

Social media is a very informal environment which is why we always share photos and thoughts from the office as well as information about current competitions. This is very important to us because we want clients to have an insight into how we work in the office and our social network pages give people the opportunity to see the team who work here.

The main social networks we use are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ and we love to connect with new people. So, please have a look at our pages and send us a message!

Tim Miller - abbotFox Community Manager


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