Does your door colour affect the saleability of your property?


Can the colour of your front door really be a determining factor in whether or not your property has success on the market? Research has shown that it takes roughly eight seconds for a buyer to decide if they are interested in a particular property, and a large sized chunk of that time is bound to be spent at the front door, signalling the somewhat unrecognised importance of the door.


It is one of the focal points of a home and the wrong colour could jeopardise your property being sold for the right price, but with care and attention the front door can supplement curb appeal and potentially increase its desirability, and even be the icing on the cake when selling the property.


A front door must be appropriate to a house, there is no set rule for which colour to use and it will vary from property to property, but it is imperative that it weds with the architecture and design of the home. Various designers have explained their methods of using three colours on the exterior of a property, one for the sides of the house, one for the trim and a third to accent the architecture, shutters, or other detail. If a fourth colour is to be used, the front door is the place but remember to associate your door to the theme of your home and allow it to be a positive and welcoming shade.


Many have alluded to the influence of feng shui and the significance in which the right door colour can play in the success of achieving harmonization in a home, for example a red door denoting ‘welcome.’ There is a fine line between standing out from the crowd and attracting unwanted attention by looking out of place in a neighbourhood and the latter may endanger the saleability of your home.


Are you currently looking to move? What colour front door do you have? Do you think that changing the colour will affect the saleability of your property? We would love to hear from you, so contact us on our social media channels.


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