Does a for sale board help to sell a home?


Selling a house can be a stressful and chaotic experience, so wouldn’t you want to exploit every possible weapon in your armoury to help sell your property for the highest price in the shortest timespan. Using for sale boards is one of the oldest tricks in the book but is still one of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign, used to sell a home. Using a board entitles the property to maximise its exposure and allows it to be the beneficiary of 24 hour sales coverage.


Many agents will agree when I say that having a for sale board, will generate more enquiries than relying on other marketing platforms such as press advertising or online. Although these portals and techniques are still very important and should definitely not be overlooked, the age-old practice of using a board can work favourably in a number of ways. Interest can be promoted from unregistered buyers or even individuals who are not currently looking on the market through a board.


Another advantage is its ability to become a landmark when viewers are trying to find the property. There is a large amount of property for sale in Norfolk at the moment and a board saves the viewer time, petrol and patience when trying to look out for numbers and street names. A potential buyer may also be looking at one property in an area and decide they love the location but not the particular home, their ability to see a for sale board in the same area may solve their problems and help you with the selling of your home.


Although many of the enquiries and leads that are received for agents come through their online traffic, it is widely believed that on many occasions, the interest has been generated from the for sale board. A potential buyer will often spot a board and then go online to view interior shots and find out more information about the property.


Critics argue that boards are used solely to advertise the estate agent, but this can work constructively to both the seller and the buyer. abbotFox have an array of for sale, to let and sold boards in the Norwich and Norfolk area and this allows buyers to be reassured that they are picking a trusted and popular agent who has registered buyers actively looking in the area.


Some may say that for sale boards are a dying breed, but they definitely still hold a purpose in the market and if you want a quick sale of your property for the highest price, then get yourself one. There is currently an assortment of houses for sale in Norfolk and we have been extremely busy selling properties. If you are currently thinking of moving we can arrange for a free valuation of your home and guarantee the best marketing package to sell your home. Please call the office on 01603 660000, email or come in and see us at 2a Upper King Street, Norwich, NR3 1AH.


Josh Cousens - abbotFox



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