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Are you struggling to sell your house? This could be the reason why. Check out our top property photography tips.

Technology is changing everything from how we communicate and now how we live. There will come a time soon when we'll all be living in "smart" homes. It wasn't that long ago when broadband wasn't a deal breaker, however now days properties are dismissed if there isn't super fast fibre optic broadband.

The second stage of the Help To Buy scheme has enabled more younger buyers to get their foot onto the property ladder which has helped fuel the growth in the property market over the last few months. Selling to younger buyers has become quite popular because they usually have no property chain behind them which is often seen as one of the most frustrating stages of selling a house. If you think that your house would suit a younger buyer then there are several things you can do to make your house stand out to prospective younger clients.

It has been a busy month here at abbotFox as we recently opened a new Bespoke department in our office in the centre of Norwich. The new Bespoke team works with high end properties in Norfolk which have a unique character and history behind them. Since then we have taken on a range of beautiful Bespoke properties including a Spanish Villa on Cotman Road and a Manor House in Bracondale.

With property prices rising and an increase in the number of mortgage applications being approved the housing market is continuing to grow at a fast rate. New figures reveal that in February average house prices rose by 0.7% and there has been a huge increase in the number of properties coming on to the market. This surge has meant that it is imperative that you ensure your house stands out when it is being marketed by your estate agent.

Our recent blog post discussed the important extras that should be added to your property viewing checklist such as finding out the broadband speed available at the property as well as whether you get a good phone signal. This week's blog post discusses the property viewing from the opposite perspective: how should you, as the owner of the house, prepare your property for viewings? It is important to be prepared when you know you have people coming round who are interested in your property. If you are selling your house it is very likely that you will be looking to purchase another property.

Many people think that they’ll get Christmas out of the way then they’ll put their house up for sale and then the inevitable happens, a flurry of houses come onto the market all at once.

You hear of businesses having to market themselves and now even individuals have to market themselves in order to get a job.Marketing helps businesses to attract clients, it helps job seekers attract jobs and marketing attract buyers to your house.

Someone buying a property these days would expect double glazing, not having it could potentially de value your home.

Research shows that space is now people’s priority when looking for a new home, now more so than location, which use to always be number one.

A winter makeover for your home doesn't need to be hard 

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