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abbotFox has been named the number one estate agents in Norwich by Rightmove over 257 rival competitors, based on figures recorded from the year 2014.

I'm exploring the feeling amongst many that technology has replaced the need to speak to an estate agent with all the information we need being at our finger tips instead.  

Finally after years of waiting, there has been a reform over the controversial stamp duty thresholds. But what could this mean for the market and you?

Ten years ago house hunting would've been very different, today because of technology things are different. Here at abbotFox estate agents we consider ourselves early adopters of all new marketing methods, however we know what still works when it comes to traditional marketing.

We look into the great discussion that is evolving around the new Mansion Tax policy, and whether or not it can effect you! 

Technology is changing everything from how we communicate and now how we live. There will come a time soon when we'll all be living in "smart" homes. It wasn't that long ago when broadband wasn't a deal breaker, however now days properties are dismissed if there isn't super fast fibre optic broadband.

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