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The University of East Anglia ranked third overall for student satisfaction this year, having come out top in the previous year, and has remained in the top five since the survey began back in 2005. The Telegraph has also placed the city of Norwich in its list of the top 20 happiest place to live in Britain due to its friendly community, low levels of crime and significantly lower cost of living compared to London. It is therefore not surprising that thousands of students choose to study at the University of East Anglia. Whilst the University is popular amongst local Norwich teenagers looking to move onto higher education a large ...

The city of Norwich is becoming an increasingly popular place to live and this has been reflected in the growing number of house buyers from outside the area looking to purchase a property here. This increase in interest from outside buyers is not surprising because although Norwich may not be the biggest city in the UK it has a lot to offer including a lively town centre rich in history, a choice of beautiful beaches only an hours drive away and strong transport links with London. The city is also one of the safest in the UK with significantly lower house prices compared to London and the Telegraph recently included ...

A report by Aviva found that house buyers in the last year spent on average only 33 minutes viewing the property they decided to purchase. Twenty years ago the average viewing time for house buyers was 39 minutes and this figure has continued to decrease over the years. Combined with this Aviva found hat 24% of house buyers only viewed the property they bought once which means that a quarter of house buyers in the last year spent only 33 minutes in total viewing the property they eventually went on to purchase.

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