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Since we opened just over two years ago here at abbotFox the focus has always been on doing things deliberately different. We know that moving home can be a very stressful experience which is why we pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service throughout the entire process. This includes having extended opening hours, an outward focus and a friendly, hardworking team. This approach has led us to become the largest independent estate agent in Norwich with abbotFox now offering sales, lettings and bespoke properties. However, as well as selling houses we are heavily involved in the local community and organise events and campaigns to raise money for charities across ...

The village of Knapton has a rich and varied history dating right back to the Neolithic times based on the tools and artefacts that have been discovered in the area. Little else is known about the origins of the village because it predates the Domesday Book of 1086. However, during the Norman Conquest the village was called Kanapatone and was estimated to be worth 20 shillings which increased to 60 shillings after the surveys in the Domesday Book. In terms of the origins of the name several theories that have been put forward. It has been speculated that the name dates back to the invasion of the Danes, who settled ...

In six days time the Norfolk Legends website will be open to receiving nominations for this year’s event on Saturday 30th August at Sprowston Manor. Voting will be open until the 31st July and from the list of nominations we receive a shortlist will be invited to attend the Norfolk Legends event to receive an award. This year, Jake Humphrey will be hosting the evening and helping to raise money for Break Charity who work with vulnerable families and children.

We previously wrote about the Norfolk Legend Deryn Blackwell, the 14 year old from Norfolk who battled against two different types of Cancer, and his courageous recovery. His story was truly amazing and inspirational and you can read about it here. In this blog post I would like to tell you about another Norfolk Legends nomination that we have received which is a fantastic example of the hard work and dedication of the people of Norfolk.

Burnham Market is one of the most popular villages in Norfolk and it is often referred to as the Chelsea on Sea. It is a Georgian village shaped by the 18th century houses found throughout the area. Burnham Market is near to the mouth of the River Burn which is mostly likely where the name originated. However, the market was also historically the centre for the amber trade which, again, might be where the name is derived from.

Although it is called Burnham Market the market has since been discontinued and today there are only auctions in the summer every couple of weeks. Because of this it is now commonly ...

The World Cup has finally arrived and everyone in the office is very excited! The team at abbotFox likes to do things deliberately different which is why we decided to create a World Cup sweepstake with a twist. Everyone in the office has entered into the sweepstake and each person has picked out two teams which they will have for the whole of the competition. Brazil was given out seperately to the highest bidder as they are the most likely contenders to win the World Cup.

The village of Poringland is five miles south of the city of Norwich and houses a fascinating piece of Norfolk history. The story behind the name of the village is unknown but it is believed to mean the “land of the people of Porr” but this is not confirmed. In old English the word Porr actually means leek which has led some researchers to suggest that the village was historically used for growing leek vegetables but, again, this cannot be said for certain. What is known is that by the time of the Norman conquest the village was very well developed and established. Poringland also featured heavily in the Domesday ...

The village of Brooke has a very detailed history dating right back to Neolithic times based on the Prehistoric flints and axeheads that have been discovered across the village. The name of the village originates from the Old English word meaning “brook” and a large number of the first buildings in the area still stand today. There is also evidence of the Romans in the village, based on the outlines of ancient roads, and the Roman coins and pottery that have been discovered. It is thought that the original settlement was relatively small with farms and greens located across the area and, although the modern village still retains some of ...

Norfolk Legends recognises the hard work of individuals across Norfolk and this year voting for Norfolk Legends will be open between July and August and the event will be held on Saturday 30th August at Sprowston Manor. Norfolk Legends 2013 was a huge success and this year the event is set to be even bigger and better. However, this will only be possible with the dedicated support of local Norfolk businesses.

Norfolk Legends recognises the hard work of individuals across Norfolk. It could be someone who has looked after you when you were ill or a person who has gone the extra mile for the community. What makes Norfolk Legends unique is that it is the people of Norfolk who vote for the nominees. This year voting will be open between July and August through the Norfolk Legends website so get thinking about who you are going to nominate. Once all of the nominations are in a shortlist of Norfolk Legends will be invited to attend a special event at Sprowston Manor on Saturday 30th August where their achievements will be ...

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