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The postcode system is just over fifty years old and was originally created to speed up the delivery of letters across the country. During the mid 1900s more and more letters were being sent as mail became more popular but there was no system to distinguish between two different streets with the same name which led to a lot of confusion and slow deliveries. To combat this problem a system of postcodes was developed but what you may not know is that the first trial was conducted here in Norwich in 1959. The new system proved very effective and after the successful trial in Norwich the country was divided into different postal districts. For example, in Norwich, NOR was used to represent the city and was followed by three characters which highlighted which street a letter needed to be delivered too. The postcode system continued to expand and develop and by the mid 1980s postcodes could be read automatically by machines.

Congratulations to Jenny Hartt who has won our #NorwichEggHunt Easter competition! Last week we took five different photos of a creme egg in iconic locations around Norwich and asked people to name where each of the photos was taken. The winner, Jenny Hartt, was selected at random from all of the correct entries and received a creme egg easter box as well as the creme egg that travelled around the city.

We are giving away a fantastic Easter chocolate prize!

The history behind the term the Golden Triangle is very interesting and it dates back to the 1800s. During this time wealthy professionals and tradesman began living in the areas just outside of the city to keep away from the busy city centre and the often unhygienic conditions. The most popular areas on a modern map of Norwich are Newmarket Road, Ipswich Road and Lime Tree road and the term the Golden Triangle refers to the isosceles triangle that is formed when the areas are joined together. In essence the Golden Triangle stretches from UEA to the outskirts of the city centre with Unthank Road seen as the centre of the triangle. The term became very popular in the 1980s when the housing market was picking up momentum and estate agents used it to highlight this popular area for people to live in.

If you walk along Cotman Road there is one property that will certainly stand out. It is a beautiful house that is designed in the style of a Spanish villa and it is right here in Norwich. The story behind the property is very interesting and it began when the owner and his wife took a holiday to Spain. They had previously been discussing where they were going to move to but disagreed on the type of property they were looking for: whilst the owner was keen to live in a house his wife wanted to live in a Bungalow. However, whilst in Spain the owner decided that to compromise he was going to build the house they were going to live in himself.

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