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Our recent blog post discussed the important extras that should be added to your property viewing checklist such as finding out the broadband speed available at the property as well as whether you get a good phone signal. This week's blog post discusses the property viewing from the opposite perspective: how should you, as the owner of the house, prepare your property for viewings? It is important to be prepared when you know you have people coming round who are interested in your property. If you are selling your house it is very likely that you will be looking to purchase another property.

It has certainly been a busy start to the New Year here in the abbotFox office. The housing market in Norfolk is rapidly gaining momentum and we have seen a huge increase in interest in the properties that we are putting onto the market. With all this activity and hectic calendar schedules it can be easy for estate agents to fail to keep in constant contact with their clients. However, here at abbotFox we are deliberately different and our clients always come first. From marketing the property to dealing with negotiations we ensure our clients always know exactly what is going on. Even after a house has been sold our ...

Purchasing a new house is one of the biggest investments people make in life and so it is important to make sure you are completely happy with the property you are thinking of buying. When looking to move home arguably the most crucial stage is viewing the property. There are a lot of useful checklists online which highlight questions you should ask the owner during the viewing. These include checking for damp, cracks in the walls and for any damage to the property. However, with all the questions you want to ask there are other things that you should check that you may not immediately think of which could cause ...

There was an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph this week about the role Google Glass can play in property viewings. If you have not heard of Google Glass before it is a new technology which is essentially a pair of glasses with a camera attached which projects a virtual display for the wearer to interact with. There has been a lot of discussion in the technology world about the role this new product could play due to the fact that the video it records is entirely from the perspective of the wearer. When it comes to selling houses estate agents have traditionally adopted new technology, such as QR Codes and smartphone apps, relatively early on and incorporated them into their business.

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