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Alan was unveiled as the 54th gorilla on the GoGo Gorilla trail on the 23rd July and it's been a whirlwind ever since.  We got to see him briefly that day but  then Alan had to go into hiding because the newspapers found out, there were paparazzi everywhere!  The papers had an inclination that the 54th Gorilla was going to be Alan Patridge's mini me as a tribute to him and the fact there was a huge public demand for an Alan Partridge gorilla when the future of Freddie Gorilla looked doubtful.

Many people who’ve seen us on our Facebook Page often say “it looks great fun being an estate agent”, to that I always say it is! Don’t get me wrong there’s days when you feel like you’ve worked 24hours non stop but when you know that at the end of the day you’ve just helped someone choose their dream home or helped a family move nearer to each other or even helped a couple successfully sell their home after a painful divorce, it’s all worth it.

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