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Research shows that space is now people’s priority when looking for a new home, now more so than location, which use to always be number one.

With almost 200,000 households applying each year for permission to make improvements to their homes what are the ones that you should be investing in?

How many of you would go for either a kitchen extension or a larger bathroom? 

Conservatories are an easy option but if you’re trying to sell your house in the winter, walking into a cold room could put buyers off. On the other hand showing your conservatory on a hot summer’s day could leave potential buyers hot under the collar.  Conservatories are a cheap way to add space though and generally don’t require planning permission so think about adding an air conditioning unit into your budget if you decide to invest in one. However, in my opinion there’s nothing worse than a cheap looking conservatory just glued to the back of the house so take your time and choose it carefully.

What many buyers are after these days are extra bedrooms. Three bedrooms is the average for a UK house but with more people now working from home one of those bedrooms is instantly used up as an office. The average age for children to leave home now is 30 years old! On top of that our older generation lives a lot longer and could very well end up living with you. You can see instantly now how having more bedrooms can add value to your home.

In today’s world if your home hasn’t got central heating or double glazing then potentially you are devaluing your home, I would always advise getting them installed. This is a very practical investment because whilst you’re still living in the property you will be helping to cut your utility bills.

Tip If your plan is to sell then you have to think what improvement would really appeal to a buyer.

Tip Whatever you do never lose a room! If your plan is to sell your home then think more rooms not less rooms.

Tip  If you can’t extend think about going upwards and get a loft conversion (you will need to get advice from planners at your local council)

Tip  I wouldn’t recommend a basement conversion. This is one of the most expensive ways to get more space and on top of that you will probably have to move out of your house whilst it’s being done.

Tip  Swimming pools are not an investment and wont add value to your house.

Author Samuel Le Good Co Founder of abbotFox

Twitter @abbotfox

pic by Salvatore Vuono



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