A History Of The Old Kitchens, Knapton


The village of Knapton has a rich and varied history dating right back to the Neolithic times based on the tools and artefacts that have been discovered in the area. Little else is known about the origins of the village because it predates the Domesday Book of 1086. However, during the Norman Conquest the village was called Kanapatone and was estimated to be worth 20 shillings which increased to 60 shillings after the surveys in the Domesday Book. In terms of the origins of the name several theories that have been put forward. It has been speculated that the name dates back to the invasion of the Danes, who settled in Norfolk, and the Scandinavian names of the settlers with a link to Knappen in Eastern Denmark. More recently historians have put forward the theory that the name originates from Cnapa, which was an old English name, combined with “tun”, which means a settlement.

A more detailed history of the village dates back to the late 1600s where the village revolved around farming and other trades and crafts. There were a huge variety of farms across the village which included livestock and arable farming. Although today there are far fewer farms in Kanpton they still have an important role for the modern people living in the village. During the 1800s to 1900s the village developed a school, post office, church and chapel and, later on, the Paston and Knapton railway station. Despite the railway improving the lives of wealthier residents as it enabled them to travel it made little impact on the rest of the village and, like many railway stations in Norfolk villages, it eventually closed.

Two of the defining features of the village are Knapton House and Knapton Hall which were built during the 1800s and had a great impact on the people of the village. Our abbotFox Bespoke team has just taken on the Old Kitchens in Knapton which is a Grade II listed one bedroom house. The property contains stone floors, a bespoke fitted kitchen, a communal garden and a wealth of history and period features. The modern village of Knapton is approximately a mile and a half away from Mundesley village and the property itself is half a mile outside of the village with good access to North Walsham.

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