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Have you ever wondered why an estate agent wears a suit? This blog will explain the reasons behind their dress sense and why it is so important. 

Mundesley is one of the Norfolk coats gems. Have you ever wondered what made this quaint village so popular? 

The UEA was declared joint-second in the rankings for overall student satisfaction. The accolade only echoes the popularity that Norwich is emitting and why it is becoming such a popular area to reside within. 

Believe us when we tell you that changing agents could be the difference between selling your property for the right price in a preferable timespan and not doing so. 

We are looking for a young, budding and enthusiastic office junior to join our team, who is foreseeing a future in estate agency. 

Check out our latest addition to the #foxfoodforecast, this edition coming from Samuel Le Good, who discovered the HUBBOX restaurant on his travels to the South West in Truro. 

Have you ever thought that the unlucky number 13 may apply to the property game? Researched statistics will hasten to agree with this assumption. 

Can you guess how many ears will fit on Jack's forehead? There is a prize for the winning guess! 

Rightmove recently confirmed that abbotFox had agreed by far the most sales out of any other agent in the Norwich area throughout the month of July. Read on to find out how this was achieved. 

Rightmove statistics have confirmed it, there is a new estate agency market leader in Norwich - abbotFox 

Have you ever wondered who is the better option between a corporate and independent estate agent? Read on to find out our verdict on the matter.

Do you think you can see yourself earning a potentially unlimted salary in one of Norwich's leading estate agents, with great opportunities for progression and career growth? APPLY NOW

There have been growing reports suggesting that Great Britain may be in favour of leaving the European Union, so what will do this do to our property market?

Here is our definitive list of the top five pubs/bars to visit this summer in Norwich

Have you ever wondered why home insurance is so important for a countryside manor?

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