When in Norwich Do You Say Flat or Apartment?


How do you describe a home which sits on top of another home?

Do you live in Norwich? If so do you say flats or apartments?

A customer relocating to Norwich popped into our office and said that he wanted to buy a flat, but then he quickly corrected himself and said he meant to say apartment. He then said that he’s noticed the people in Norwich like to say apartments and not flats. What he said got us thinking, over the years we have noticed more people say apartments and we think it’s mainly being driven by the younger generation, the elder generation still like to use the word flats.

Going back through the years old houses would be converted into “flats”, and local councils would own blocks of flats where council tenants would live.
It seems that we’ve adopted the word “apartments” from the USA, it definitely sounds better to say “let’s have dinner at my apartment” than “let’s have dinner at my flat”. 
The word apartment sounds prestigious, it conjures up a grand image and when you need to impress someone it’s a much better word to use to describe your dwellings. 
We should also look at the plenty of purpose-built complex’s that come with their own concierge and an on-site gym, just like Sentinel House. It would do a place like that an injustice to not call it anything but apartments because they ooze luxury and no other word to describe them would do.

The reason we hear the word apartments in Norwich more than the word flats is most probably because Norwich is a very youthful city; over 25% of the population are aged between 16-29, the UK average is 18%. 
Of course, there will always be some people who are against the UK language becoming Americanised and will never use the word apartment to describe their abode. If you’re one of the die-hards of the British language then you might already know that the word flat is derived from a Scottish word “flet” which means a storey of a house. People also used "flat" to describe a home on one level, literally calling it flat which evolved into "a flat."

Whatever you want to call them, apartments or flats, we can help you find your perfect one.

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