Why You Should Rent in Norwich and Not London


The easy answer to why you should rent in Norwich and not London is the cost; it’s much cheaper! But what if you have to work in London, surely the cost of commuting is going to outweigh any savings you make?

Buying an annual season ticket for your train journey from Norwich to London Liverpool Street will cost approximately £9,300, now compare that with the yearly average property rental prices. In London an average property rent is £3235 pcm, in Norwich, an average property rent is £911 pcm, for this monthly amount would get you a two/three bedroom house in Norwich. If you want something cheaper there are plenty of rental properties in Norwich for £550 pcm (per calendar month). In London, it is quite common to pay £2,000 a month for a tiny cramped studio let.

You can clearly see that the cost of an annual train ticket is going to be cheaper than renting in London.
What about the time it takes to commute to London and back? There is that, it takes two hours, but while you’re sitting on a train you can do so much, with no distractions.
These days remote working is becoming more popular, and perhaps this could be arrangement you have with your London employer. Many people who leave from Norwich train station to go to work in London are only doing it two to three times a week, the other days they’re working from their home in Norwich.

It’s not just a cost-cutting exercise, living in Norwich is much better for your health than living in London.

Norwich is a lot less stressful than London, with its many green areas and outdoor spaces, as well as the magnificent River Wensum running through the heart of Norwich, all of which help people living here to relax.

If you still need convincing then listen to what The Sunday Times has to say about the city; “Everything you want from a city, enclosed in a neat, pretty little package”. The paper also commends Norwich for its excellent transport links, brilliant pubs, lovely restaurants and its fabulous collection of independent shops.

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