Why Relocating to Norfolk is a Good Move


People are moving out of London; they’re looking for “value for money” homes elsewhere.

If you’re one of the many who are contemplating leaving London and wondering where to relocate to, then let us tell you about Norfolk.

Quality of life
Experts have declared Norfolk as one of the best places to live; how the result is determined is by examining data on how people thrive in the area, other factors like culture, community and jobs are also put into the equation. There is an excellent quality of life in Norfolk; it’s a place where you can truthfully balance work and personal life.

Less rain
Norfolk is quite a dry location; it has one of the lowest rainfalls in the UK. If you’re moving from London to Norfolk then you’ll probably notice it’s slightly colder in the winter; due to more open spaces it can get chilly.

Family friendly
Bringing up children in Norfolk is a parents dream. It’s a very safe place; it’s a place where they can be children and do outdoor activities without the worry that living in London can bring.
There is no excuse for the children to stay indoors, Norfolk offers horse-riding, mountain-biking, ice-skating, roller-skating, rock-climbing, football, swimming, crabbing, camping, skiing and many adventures.

Many people are choosing to relocate to Norfolk, here are some more reasons why!

The beach
Not just one beach but many beaches and many of them are award winning beaches. Seven of Norfolk beaches have the Blue Flag environmental award; beaches get the award when there is a special effort in the management of a beach. There is nothing better than finishing a day at work, picking up the children, getting the dog and going for a beach walk; many Norfolk beaches are dog-friendly.

The countryside
Escape the crowds and head for the countryside. Norfolk has some of the most stunning countryside and pretty cottages, perfect for long walks and some tranquillity. Follow the little lanes, hike across fields, bike through the woodland while keeping a lookout for rare birds, owls, rabbits, hares and deer.

The city
The city of Norwich is a glorious mix of historic old with modern new. On the one hand you have the cobbled streets of Elm Hill and the Cathedral Quarter, and on the other hand, you have Chapelfield for the ultra trendy shoppers. There's also The Forum which is a public building which contains a cafe, a restaurant, shops and one of the best libraries in the UK. The Telegraph named Norwich as one of Britains’s friendliest and happiest places to live in the whole of the UK.

So, if you want to be surrounded by happy, friendly people, have an excellent work-life balance, with a mix of city life, countryside and beach-life, move to Norfolk!

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