Why Living In Norwich Is So Desirable


It seems that the rest of the UK is only now finding out about Norwich, which is strange because it’s been here for many years; Norwich is ancient and used to be the largest city in the UK after London.

This year Norwich was voted one of the best places to live in the UK by the Sunday Times, and since then people have been calling Norwich the new Notting Hill. 

You can see why Norwich is a desirable place to live; it’s the most complete medieval city in the UK, much loved for its castle, cobbled streets and winding lanes. On top of that, it has two cathedrals, fantastic shopping with one of the UK’s top shopping malls, as well as great bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Norwich has everything; the river Wensum runs through the city which means a favourite past time for many is boating, canoeing or paddleboarding. If being on the water doesn’t excite you then perhaps a walk or a cycle ride along the river will.

Norwich has a very youthful population, (the average age is 33.7, lower than the national 40) which helps the city to stay fresh, energetic and urban cool. The University of East Anglia is here in Norwich, as well as Norwich University of the Arts, both very sought after places for students.

Other reasons why Norwich is so desirable 

The Food

Norwich has fantastic food, top restaurants in Norwich include Roger Hickman's which offers fine dining at its best, also named as one of the UK’s 100 restaurants by the Sunday Times. Norwich now has The Ivy, situated in London Street, with its vibrant decor, onyx bar, stunning lighting and of course the great food. It’s not just top restaurants which makes Norwich a foodie heaven its also known for its fabulous street food with the feast on the street, which is street food at its best. Food from all around the world can be found on Norwich market, tasty chillies, curries and bangers to fill your bellies while you browse the stalls. For fish and chips in Norwich it's got to be the award-winning GROSVENOR FISH BAR, with its creative spin on the UK's favourite dish and its funky vibe it's a firm favourite.

The Countryside 

You’re never far from the countryside when you live in Norwich. Literally, a few minutes drive outside of the city, and you come face to face with green fields, horses, sheep, cows and other farm animals. The countryside mixed with Norfolk skies, its starry nights, and its plentiful wildlife; some of the rarest bird sightings here have had twitchers from all over the country excited. 

The Beaches 

Just as you’re not far from the countryside, you’re not far from a beach either. A day trip to one of the many beaches surrounding Norwich is easy, the furthest one from Norwich is only 40 minutes, others can be reached in 20 - 30 minutes. We’re not just talking about a few beaches; there are over fifty beaches, the biggest collection of beaches in one county.

The Property 

There is a home to suit everyone in Norwich, period homes, townhouses, trendy apartments, modern estate homes and bungalows, which have become a rarity in the UK of late.  If it’s a slice of Norwich history you want then the lovely terraced ex Colman's mustard houses could be a suitable home for you. In 1858 the Colman’s Mustard production factory opened in Norwich, and the business cared for its employees like their own, and that’s why they had company houses for their employees; regretfully Colmans Mustard has moved but the quant properties are still there.  The variations of property in Norwich is plentiful; there’s something for all tastes. 

It’s Safe 

Norwich is a safe city, it’s been listed as safe by The Telegraph and other national newspapers. Norwich is known for having a community vibe, there isn’t that constant worry of crime. It’s a safe place to bring up children and students arriving in Norwich for university feel assured that the crime rate is low. 

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