Why Are Waterside Properties In Norwich All The Trend?


It seems that young people are driving the demand for waterside properties here in Norwich.

A recent Waterside Survey shows that the perception of retirees seeking to live by the river isn’t so accurate, it’s more likely to be people under the age of 35.

What has happened to make waterside properties to attractive to the younger generation? abbotFox has a few answers.

Great views

Having a morning coffee on your balcony while watching the swans paddle up and down on the River Wensum is a great way to start the day. Norwich riverside property owners will regularly see, ducks, swans and even storks as well a variation of boats, canoes and paddles. Riverside property owners living outside the city centre may also get to see many other types of birds and wildlife as well as a whole array of boats including yachts.

Stunning apartments

Beautiful old buildings have been transformed into trendy apartments, and new apartment blocks have popped up in places along the Norwich waterside. Take the Papermill Yard in Norwich overlooking the River Wensum, a mixture of modern built apartments with parking as well as luxury apartments within the historic building which was once a paper mill owned by Coleman’s Mustard. It was from this mill that all the tables were made for the mustard pots. It’s not just “living by a river” anymore, it’s now “desirable riverside dwellings”, and that’s what young people want.


You can’t deny it, the sound of water has a very calming effect, and the moon at night shining upon a river is very enchanting. After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than watching the world swim by from your riverside balcony.

Young people buy into a lifestyle; it’s not just a riverside apartment for them, it’s a whole community. Riverside properties in Norwich are close to some fantastic restaurants, bars and coffee shops. There are regular running, cycling and walking groups along the river, fitness classes and gyms.


Because of the rise of remote working young professionals can spend a lot of time working from home and there’s no better place to do that than by sitting by a river. For the ones that do have to visit the office then believe it or not some beat the traffic by getting on a boat! Some people love the convenience of having their own boat moored up to use for popping up and down the river; there’s no better way to travel! For other people having a Norwich riverside property, it means easy access to many places either by foot, bike, skateboard, bus or car.

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