Sophie Earns Her Senior Stripes With abbotFox


Sophie Pulford began her abbotFox journey in 2016.

Despite the fact she had not worked in estate agency before, she showed the characteristics and enthusiasm needed to become a strong sales negotiator. Under the mentorship of the senior abbotFox staff, Sophie quickly demonstrated a natural flair for the industry, so much so that she became the office top seller in 2017 and most recently in 2018.

To reward Sophie’s continued development and accomplishments, she was recently promoted to senior negotiator. When asked if it was an easy decision to accept the promotion, she said, “100 billion percent, yes! As much as I knew it would come with more responsibility, that’s what I wanted.”

Even though Sophie is a one agent woman, she doesn’t plan on going anywhere any time soon. She said, “Having learnt and enjoyed as much as I have at abbotFox, I don’t know why I would want to leave. I only plan on getting better at my job and progressing within the company any way I can.”

If you are looking to begin your own career in estate agency, Sophie strongly urges you to try abbotFox. She explained that, “if you are prepared to work hard, the benefits are there for you. Everyone has the same ambition and for somebody that wants to get a real sense of achievement from their work, this is the place for you.”

Sophie specifies tenacity as being a necessary quality to prosper at abbotFox.

“If you are prepared to be busy and keep yourself busy by going the extra mile, you will generate business. By working to your own strengths and contributing to the team, success will follow.” 

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