Skills Required To Be A Top Estate Agent in Norwich


Inhale confidence and exhale doubt, this is something every estate agent needs to do.
If you’re a person who is scared to speak to people, who gets worried about trying something different, who doesn’t like a challenge, then applying to be an estate agent isn’t going to be suitable for you. An estate agent or if you prefer the term sales negotiator, doesn’t require lots of certificates or a degree but to be one you will need confidence.

Some other skills required to be a top estate agent in Norwich are:

You need to have the right attitude, a “we can do this” attitude. Customers expect you to find them their dream homes or sell their homes very quickly for whatever reason; they don’t want to hear “the computer says no”, they need someone who embraces a challenge and says “let’s do this”.

Local knowledge
A top estate agent in Norwich knows Norwich inside out and back to front. As a Norwich estate agent, you’ll be required to identify all the different areas, like The Golden Triangle, or The Silver Triangle, as well as the differences between Thorpe Hamlet, Thorpe St Andrew, Thorpe End and Thorpe Marriott. On top of all the areas, streets and roads, you have to know the schools to recommend to parents, the bus routes for commuters and the local gyms for the ones who like to keep fit. Having good local knowledge helps to make a good estate agent.

Pricing knowledge
As well as knowing the local areas and amenities a good estate agent should be able to reel off average property prices for each area. You’ll be expected to know the value of houses, barn conversions, bungalows, apartments and studio flats; if a similar property is sold on the same road it’s your job to know that and at what price it sold for.

Communication skills
It goes without saying that you need to be an excellent communicator.
You’ll be required to speak with both sides regularly, the buyer and the seller, and be able to negotiate with them to close a successful deal for all.

Organisation skills
Making appointments is one thing, but if you forget to turn up, then that gives the whole agency a bad name. You have to be very organised, always making sure that you leave enough time between viewings, arriving on time, following up after you said you would and remembering the little things because it’s usually those little things that get you the deal.

People skills
People buy from people they like, so if you’re not a likeable person you’re not going to sell much.
People will naturally choose to use the agent who is happy, positive, chatty, friendly and makes them feel good. A good agent always remembers names, the children names, and birthdays, it makes people feel special, and we all want to feel special.

So there you have it, a few skills you’ll need if you want to be a top estate agent in Norwich.

If you think you’ve got the above skills then contact us, we are always happy to chat to a top estate agent.

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