Sell your home fast with these 5 tips


This is the time of year when people get busy selling their homes; summer always gives people the moving bug.

If you want to sell your home fast then here are a few tips to help you.

Kerbside appeal

You’ve probably heard this phrase, but what does it mean?
Well, let me explain; when someone gets out of their car and looks at your house before entering, what is their first impression? People make a first impression within seconds, and if they’ve decided that your home looks a shambles then it’s going to take a lot to persuade them otherwise. We can’t allow this to happen; your kerb appeal has to hook the potential buyer immediately. Tidy up the front garden, clean the porch, straighten up the house sign, fix the gate, do whatever needs to be done to change their perception of your home.

Spring clean

A recent survey reported that potential buyers had been put off a home due to it not being clean. Before you start booking viewers in get your rubber gloves on, hot soapy water and give your home a spring clean.
If for whatever reason this is something you can’t do then you’ll be pleased to know that here in Norfolk we have some good domestic cleaning companies who do these types of cleans regularly.


We love our dogs, but some people don’t or are scared of them. If you want to sell your home, then consider asking a friend or a family member to look after them when you have potential buyers coming to view your home. If someone isn’t too keen on dogs, there is nothing worse than being licked to death, being barked at or having a leg humped.


If there’s a wonky shelf or some tiles are missing in the bathroom then it’s best to get all these DIY jobs sorted before you start showing your home. Things like chipped paintwork and broken toilet seats can be a real turn off, so get your house in check.

Spare room

The spare room should not ever be shown as a storage facility where all your junk hides away for years. If you have an extra room being used like this then it’s time to declutter! Get rid of the junk, find places for what you want to keep, even if it’s a temporary lockup unit and then make the room look habitable. Perhaps it can be a guest bedroom or an office, let the potential buyer see what the room could be.

While you’re decluttering the spare room check the other rooms of the home, can you free up any more space anywhere? Space enables the potential buyer to imagine their own items in the home, it helps to sell it.

If you need any more tips on how to sell your home we’d love to help.
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