Relocating to Norfolk (Interview)


Many people relocate to Norfolk, the reasons could be for work, a fresh start or following in the steps of other family members.

We spoke to Julie Bishop, local businesswoman and founder of who relocated to Norfolk from London back in 2001.

What made you relocate from London?

My son was two and a half, and I had concerns about bringing him up in London; also I had got tired of London and wanted a change.

Why Norfolk?

We come to Norfolk because of a pin in the map, we said wherever the pin lands that's where we'll go, and it landed on Norfolk! We came for a visit and loved it so we decided then and there that we would relocate.

Where in Norfolk did you move to?

We first moved to Long Stratton, it was a new home, and it was a good first house to have because we didn't know what we wanted. We soon realised that we were driving up and down the A140 a lot and perhaps we needed to be nearer to the city; we eventually moved to Thorpe St Andrew.

Where are you living now?

We're still in Thorpe St Andrew, it's a beautiful part of Norwich, a perfect place for families.

Was moving to Norwich a good move?

Absolutely, especially for my son who has had the freedom to really enjoy his childhood. He has experienced so much more in Norfolk than he ever could have done in London. When he was fourteen he was camping out with his friends under the magnificent Norfolk sky, he also learned to horse ride here, and play for the local polo team, he even learned how to ski on Trowse Mountain! He also plays golf regularly, Norfolk has some great golf courses.

What would you say to others who are contemplating relocating to Norfolk?

Just go for it, you'll love it. Norfolk has an active community; the people here look out for each other and help in any way they can. It's funny because when I first moved here, I couldn't get used to how people would stop and chat, in London, people are too busy to do that.
When I first moved here, my London friends gave me a year max, but I'm still here eighteen years later! I made sure that I explored all over Norfolk and I recommend that anyone moving here to do the same, Norfolk is beautiful. It's completely different to London, but that doesn't mean it has less to offer, there is never a dull moment living here. Norwich city is always buzzing with its clubs, bars, restaurants and then there's the glorious countryside just outside of the city, as well as the many beautiful beaches Norfolk has to offer.

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