Now is the time to get your property on the market!


Chancellor George Osborne, has just announced his latest housing policies in the autumn budget, including his plans for an additional tax on stamp duty for buy-to-let investors and second home purchasers in the UK. This latest revelation from the chancellor, in conjunction with a recent admission from Rightmove has meant that if you are considering selling your property, it is essential that you get your home onto the market before the Christmas period.


Leading property portal Rightmove disclosed that in January 2015, they reached the highest levels of traffic they had ever encountered, receiving over 100 million visits throughout the month. This is a result of the millions of people who begin searching for their new home from Boxing Day onwards, when the Christmas chaos has begun to die down. Making it imperative to have your property on the market before Christmas, allowing you to be entitled to a sheer mass of over 100 million potential buyers.


The threat to buy-to-let investors from George Osborne’s impending 3% surcharge on each stamp duty band, will undoubtedly create an intensification in the number of buyers looking to purchase in the area. These investors will be very active in looking to acquire buy-to-let properties or second homes, before they are forced to pay up to an average £5,520 extra on stamp duty charges from April 2016 onwards.


The additional funds that are generated from stamp duty charges are intended to be used to help home-buyers in England that are struggling to get onto the property ladder as a result of inflated prices. In addition to the expected rush of purchases prior to the introduction of the new stamp duty laws, Rightmoves’s admission of a busy January has made it essential to act swiftly in getting your property onto market.


It takes time to prepare the marketing of your property, including taking photos, preparing floorplans and conducting the valuation. So if you are thinking about selling your property, now is the ideal time and we urge you to start immediately to ensure that you will be ahead of the competition. This will allow you to be reassured in the knowledge that your property will be amongst the first to be viewed in the New Year and available for the millions of potential buyers.

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