Houses in Norwich Come In all Shapes and Sizes


If there is one place where you can get a huge variation of houses then it has to be Norwich.

Houses in Norwich come in all shapes and sizes, with individual personalities and their own stories. 

The history of Norwich has to be considered, it’s a medieval city with cobbled streets, and upon those cobbles, there are ancient buildings such as St Andrews Hall and Dragon Hall. Take a walk down the cobbled streets of Elm Hill and Timber Hill, and you’ll find amazing, ancient dwellings, which probably have their very own residential ghosts. If you walk from Norwich Cathedral down to the corner of Princes Street and St Andrews Street you’ll find Armada House which was built in 1589. The story goes that the house was built using timbers that were washed up on a Norfolk beach after the 1588 defeat of the Spanish Armada, hence the name of the house. So, if it’s a house with plenty of character and history you’re after, then Norwich is your dream location.

What if you don’t want a property with so much history, but you’re still looking for a bit of character?
How about a bit of the yellow stuff from Coleman’s Mustard; In Trowse Jeremiah Colman built a village for his workers at the Colman’s factory. Employees were given terraced houses but if you were a supervisor you’d get a semi-detached home. The houses are still there in Trowse, but now they’re minus the mustard coloured front doors!

Riverside homes are popular in Norwich due to the magnificent Wensum river that runs through the heart of the city. We’ve written about Waterside properties in Norwich in a previous post; currently, there is a massive demand for waterside properties in Norwich, especially with younger buyers.
If a trendy Norwich waterside property doesn’t float your boat ( excuse the pun), then many other types of homes could, what about a bungalow?

Bungalows have become a bit of a rarity across the UK even though so many people love them. A recent poll found that 6.6million people would consider moving into a bungalow, but the amount of bungalows being built has dropped dramatically. The good news is that if you want to live in a bungalow then you’ll always find a great one in Norwich! Life is easier in a bungalow, everything is on one level, with no stairs to climb, which makes these homes superb for anyone who has mobility challenges. 

What about something even cosier than a bungalow? How about a cottage? Beautiful, traditional dwellings dotted about in Norwich, some with gorgeous thatched roofs. You’ll find the majority of cottages are located in rural Norfolk, however, they are still to be found in Norwich as well as cottage styled homes.

So there you have it, just a few of the different types of houses you’ll find in Norwich.

If you’re looking for your dream house in Norwich, we’d love to help you.

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