Gardens Matter When Selling Your Home


These days gardens matter when you're selling your home, more than they have ever done in the past.

Many people see gardens as an extension to the home, especially when it comes to home entertaining. More and more people like to conduct their social life at home, partly due to the tightening up of purse strings, closure of many pubs and the marketing of outdoor living. Flick through any glossy home and garden magazine, and you'll see pictures of elaborate BB Q's, garden bars, decking with hot tubs, outdoor lounges and add to that the influencers on Instagram who all seem to have the most amazing gardens. It's only natural to love these images and aspire to them, so there is nothing more disappointing for a buyer to view a home and to find that the garden is a massive let down.
It doesn't mean that you have to go out and buy a hot tub and a pergola; all you have to do is to plant the idea that the garden has potential.

Create space
If your garden is overgrown and you can't see the wood for the trees then before any viewers arrive you should get outside, remove any unnecessary bushes and weeds, mow the overgrown lawn and create a fresh canvas. When viewers come, they'll see the space and will be able to imagine what it could look like.

Get a skip 
If your garden is the dumping ground for old toys, make do sheds, rotting wood and rusty tools then do yourself a favour and book a skip. Rubbish in the garden puts people off; they imagine the worse, rats, mice, spiders, you can't afford to scare them off!

Get plans drawn up
Once you have a blank canvas, ask a local gardener to draw some plans up for you. Plans will cost a few pounds unless you know someone, but it's a great tactic for selling your home. You don't have to implement the suggestions for improvement, but what you do is show the plans to whoever is viewing your home, this helps them to visualise what it could look like. Some people are naturally creative, but some people need a helping hand, and that's where a plan can help.

Section the garden
If you have got a small budget then by getting one section of the garden looking its best can help. It could be a simple vegetable patch or gravel a section and add a firepit or add a seating area in the sunniest part of the garden so viewers can see that the garden has a sun trap.

Borrow furniture
If you have an outdoor patio that's bland and boring, then liven it up with some outdoor furniture. You might not want to buy new furniture because you're moving or you have a limited budget but ask friends and family if you could borrow some of theirs for staging your patio.

Open the patio doors
If your potential buyer comes to view on a sunny day and you have patio doors, open them! Make sure you walk them through the room and straight out onto the patio through the doors, hang about there for a bit while they look back into the room. This gives the illusion of even more space and gets viewers thinking about how they can do dining al fresco during the warmer months.

You don't have to be green fingered to sell your home, you just have to sell the idea!

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