Festive Houses To Buy In Norwich


The adverts have started, the shops have displays of chocolates and cards, so we don’t apologise for mentioning Christmas!

As the largest independent estate agents in Norwich, we have an abundance of properties on our books, and we thought we’d choose some that we thought had the potential of being festive homes.

Minns Farm, Norwich

This home has been chosen because it reminds us of the cottage in the top Christmas film “The Holiday.” The cottage in the film was called Rose cottage, but it didn’t really exist, it was built in a field just for the film; you learn something every day! If you fell in love with Rose cottage, then Minns Farm with its beams and open fireplaces is just like it and could be the festive home for you.

Norstead Hall, Norfolk

This gorgeous home is 16 miles outside of Norwich, but we’ve slipped it in due to its grand dining room which is perfect for hosting the ultimate Christmas dinner. English naval hero, Horatio Nelson used to live just down the road, and it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine him standing at the head of the table carving up the turkey for everyone. 

Laburnham Farm House, Norwich

It’s always good to have plenty of room when you’re cooking the Christmas dinner, and the kitchen in this home is of perfect size! Once the festive meal has been eaten the whole family can then pop outside and take a boat out on the lake, as long as it hasn’t frozen over! Any leftover carrots can be given to the horses which of course you’ll have if you live here, it would be awful to have redundant stables and paddocks.

The Old Carriers Arms, Norwich

If it wasn’t called The Old Carriers Arms it could easily be called Christmas Cottage. With windows that elves would love, a thatched roof which would provide a soft landing for Santa’s reindeers and its very own Christmas tree in the garden. It doesn’t stop there because when you see the size of the red brick fireplace, you’ll instantly see how this is a winner for Father Christmas; this fireplace gives Santa plenty of room to descend into the sitting room.

Manor Farm House, Norwich

Just like The Old Carriers Arms, above, this home also has an extremely large fireplace that would please Father Christmas. We’ve added this home to our “Festive Houses To Buy In Norwich” list because we think while Santa is putting the presents under the tree the reindeers can shelter under the fabulous brick carport in the garden.

If you’re looking for a festive house in Norwich, we’d love to help you.

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