Cottage For Sale In Norfolk; Music To Your Ears or Not?


It seems that everyone wants to live in a quaint Norfolk cottage; some say it’s living the dream.

There are a few things to consider when buying a cottage especially if you’ve never lived in one before. If you’re someone who was brought up in a cottage then the creaks of floorboards and the rattling of windows will be comforting, but for someone moving from a plush townhouse, it could be a different story.
Perhaps you’ve been sold the dream, you’ve seen quant cottages on programmes like “Location, Location, Location” but in reality is a 200year old listed cottage going to be suitable for you?

Norfolk is known for its pretty cottages, and at abbotFox we’re always happy to sell you one, but we also want to make sure a cottage is a right fit for you.

If you’re moving from a modern house or a plush apartment to a cottage and have never lived in one before then perhaps not jump straight into one that’s hundreds of years old; small steps first.
Depending on the age of the cottage here are a few things to expect:

Wonky Floors
Some old cottages have wonky or even sloping floors; this is not practical if you’re trying to place furniture securely. Can you cope with wobbly tables and books falling off your bookcase?

Low ceilings
People might stop visiting you due to the head injuries they get when they come over. Seriously though this can be an issue especially if you’re a tall person. It’s not just the ceilings; it’s the low door frames, after a while, you might find yourself walking with a permanent stoop.

Heat loss
Through the crooks and crannies, heat can be lost. You might have a vision of a cosy, warm cottage in winter but it could be a different story in reality. Some stone cottages can take ages to heat up as the walls remain cold for so long; on the flip side, they’re lovely and cool in the summer.

Something many people don’t consider when buying a cottage. Old cottages, listed cottages, cottages with thatched roofs can be tricky to insure. Insurance companies class them as “non-standard” properties, and you may not get sufficient cover for your home.

Money pit
Old cottages can be a money pit; you have to consider the plumbing, the electrics, fuel bills and in some damp can be a problem. The older something is the more TLC it will require, it becomes a way of life, but for those who are passionate about cottages, they would not have it any other way.

Do you believe in ghosts? Some people will love sharing an ancient cottage with a ghost, but if you’re of a nervous disposition, the very thought could terrify you. Of course, we’re not saying every cottage comes with a resident ghost but some happy cottage dwellers will relish in telling you stories of their ghostly visits.

Taking all the above into consideration, you need to be a particular type of person to live in an old cottage and remember if the cottage is listed there isn’t much you can do to change it.

Your head might be saying don’t do it, but we all know the heart always wins!

Old cottages have a certain romance about them, and the history attached to them gives you plenty to talk about when hosting dinner parties.

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