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Have a look at our exciting development in the heart of Norwich: Sentinel House

This blog explores the ever growing involvement of cryptocurrency in the real estate market, and how it could be used in the future

If you dream of controlling every aspect of your home with the touch of a button or with a few words, you’re in luck.

Could VR have a place in commercial use?

We ran a competition back in February to rename Elliot House find out the winning name and it's history in this blog

How well do you know the abbotFox team? Find out all about Beth, our property manager here. 

A number of sellers and buyers have asked us whether the impending snap election will have a direct affect on the local property market. We answer the question in this blog. 

Find out a bit more about our new head of property management, Adam in this blog. 

We are proud to introduce our latest Fox Friend, The Murderers! Find out all about the pub and their history in this blog. 

Is your Norwich social calendar an open book for 2017? We recommend that you should definitely look into these five unmissable events. 

A recent study has discovered some very positive news for first-time buyers, who are starting to grow in numbers again! 

After an investigation, we have found out the most valable room in a property. Find out if is the room you guessed. 

Did you know that the national postcode system all began in Norwich? Find out more about the postcode history in this blog. 

We have discovered that the number of first-time buyers relying on their families for a loan are on the increase. 

So what is your keyboard knowledge like? 

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