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You've heard that there are bungalows in North Norfolk and on the Norfolk Broads, but what about in Norwich? You might be suprised to find out that Norwich does indeed have many bungalows.

Winter is a great time to buy a house in Norwich, for many reasons. Ok, the downside is it's chilly, but we think that you'll find the positives make it completely worthwhile. 

Norwich is a great city for first time buyers. You might know Norwich well or you might be relocating to Norwich; whichever one you are you'll find plenty of great potential first time homes and help is at hand. 

What does a festive house look like? We found some tremendous festive houses in Norwich that would please Father Christmas himself!

Norwich has many beautiful properties and each week we feature one of them on our blog. 

Find out all about dream searching, something we have all indulged in at some point

Watch this short video tour of our property of the week 

Get a peek into the life of luxury with three wonderful properties that are currently available with abbotFox Bespoke.

This blog explores a recent trend in the property market, the huge increase in the number of micro homes in major cities, but what effect do they have on the property market?

This blog explores the ever growing involvement of cryptocurrency in the real estate market, and how it could be used in the future

In this blog you can learn some history about the Norfolk Broads as well as a glimpse at a wonderful broadland property currently available with abbotFox Bespoke.

Environmentally friendly homes are becoming a more attractive purchase for buyers because of their increasing value and reduced carbon footprint.

Have a look at this fantastic 3 bedroom renovated bungalow in the town of Holt

Watch the showcase for this property in Newton St Faith 

This blog explores 5 great family homes available with abbotFox for under £300,000

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