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Thorpe St Andrew in Norwich seems to have everything. It's such an idylic town to live in, so much so that there's a waiting list for homes. 

Houses for sale in the Golden Triangle, Norwich get snapped up very quickly, in fact there's a waiting list for them. Who wouldn't want to live in the Golden Triangle when it's been dubbed the new Notting Hill! 

Tony was determined to quickly climb the career ladder at abbotFox and his determination has paid off by recently becoming the lettings manager for Norfolk. Tony was mentored by some of the best in the property industry, he applauds them for helping him to gain more skills. 

There are many reasons to why we think Norfolk property is the best, here are just a few of them. 

Tell us why you think Norfolk property is the best.

Norfolk is full of beautiful villages, but which one should you choose to live in? Here we have a list of some of our favourite villages and the types of property you'll find in them.

Upbeat, fantastic, dedicated, effecient, are just some of the word that Bryony Sarwar-Head uses when describing working at abbotFox. 

abbotFox is a great place to work! 

The "Gateway to the Broads" is what Brundall is fondly known as. It's also a gateway to relaxation and lifebalance and only a stones throw away from the City of Norwich.

Have you fallen in love with the idea of living in a cottage? Is it all butterflies and daisies or is there much more to it? Read on to find out more about living in a cottage in Norfolk; you might decide it's not for you after all.

Are you looking to start a career in estate agency? Sophie Pulford had the detrmination to succeed in the property industry, even though she had never had estate agency experience. Luckily for Sophie abbotFox could see her potential and mentored her; she soon won awards for top sales and today she is a senior sales negotiator. 

The Victorians got it just right when it come to building property. Walk into any Victorian home these days and you get the feeling that it will be around for many more hundreds of years, more so than the homes being built today! 

Are you looking to relocate? How about Norfolk? Many people are choosing to relocate to Norfolk and we have some of the reasons why here.

Are you looking to buy your first home? Sometimes the thought of getting onto the property ladder can be overwhelming but luckily for you there's help at hand.

The Aviva building, also known as The Norwich Union building has been given a new lease of life. The iconic Norwich building has now been transformed into luxury apartments; noted as one of the largest conversions Norwich has witnessed. 

What's it like to work at abbotFox estate agents? 

Ian Forrest tells us; he's been working at abbotFox for over six years and has recently become branch partner.

There are many career opportunities at abbotFox and Ian explains why choosing to work at this Norwich estate agents is a wise move. 

You've heard that there are bungalows in North Norfolk and on the Norfolk Broads, but what about in Norwich? You might be suprised to find out that Norwich does indeed have many bungalows.

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