Are There Any Bungalows For Sale in Norwich?


Norwich has a variety of houses, and in that mix of properties, you’ll be pleased to know that Norwich also has bungalows.

Many abbotFox customers assume that bungalows only exist outside of Norwich, either in the countryside or on the coast; they’re surprised when we show them some great bungalows here in the city.

Bungalows are sought after and are regularly voted the most desirable type of home to have in the UK for all age groups. But even though they’re loved they’re becoming extinct, and that’s because developers aren’t building them, last year only 2% of all homes constructed were bungalows.

Many people think that bungalows originated from the UK, but that’s not the case it was India; it was here that they used the word “bangla” to describe a flat house with a shaded patio. When the British settled in India, they stole the idea for this type of home, and it eventually made its way back to Britain. In 1922 bungalows started to become fashionable and by the 1930s they were highly popular, by 1943 flats had become unpopular, and bungalows were in demand.

Why do people love bungalows?

Physical Limitations

In the past bungalows have been associated with the elderly and people with mobility challenges; homes on one level help with a better quality of life. Many people don’t like to lose their independence so moving to a home with no stairs is a good compromise.

Family Life

Bungalows make excellent homes for families with small children; not having to worry about children falling down stairs is one less stress. Bungalows are also great when it comes to bedtime for the little ones, bedrooms on the same floor can give parents peace of mind.

High Demand

Research shows that a third of the UK would love to live in a bungalow but because they’re not getting built they’re in demand. It's great if you already own a bungalow because they hold their price and can be just as pricey as a house in the same location; not so good if you’re looking to buy one.


Bungalows during the years have been built on big plots which give you space and privacy. Bungalows are usually surrounded by other bungalows which mean houses or apartment blocks do not overlook you.

Money Saving

Heating a bungalow is more cost-effective as long as you insulate the loft. Everything is on the one floor, so you haven’t got the worry that someone has left all the electrics on upstairs, making home management much easier.

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