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Do you have a preference between period properties and those built more recently? Why do you favour one over the other? We analyse the reasoning behind why the UK population think their favourite is best. 

Are you curious to find out how many people would be interested in your property if you were to put it on the market right now? Using our in-house software, we can determine how many registered buyers we have looking for a property like yours. 

abbotFox are taking things to another level following recent renovations to the office space. A recruitment evening is being held on Wednesday 27th January for a number of new roles at the company. 

This delightful period property can be found in the charming village of Little Plumstead and proposes a wonderful home to enjoy in a tranquil lifestyle within close reach of Norwich city centre. 

Are you a landlord in Norfolk or Norwich without tenants in your property? Well look no further, we have the answers to solve your problem. 

Do you happen to know somebody that is thinking of selling their house? How would you like to earn some easy cash? We still offer up to £200 per client for a referral. 

We look back on a very successful 2015 at abbotFox HQ, why it was the most fruitful to date and how we plan to better it in 2016. 

The New Year has begun and you have already started to carry out the resolutions you set yourself on January 1st. Maybe you wanted to sell your property this year? We reveal why you may not want to hang around. 

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