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Do you want to know why the general election now being behind us and the greeting of sunshine is a good thing for our property market? 

We wanted to investigate if the colour of a front door could effect the saleability of a property. Do you think that a certain colour makes your home more appealing to a potential buyer? 

A unique opportunity for investors in the form of a prime located plot of land, big enough for two terraced houses or four apartments, which will innevitable generate a handsome profit for anyone interested. 

Do you want to earn some easy money? Know someone who is thinking of moving and wanting to get their current property valued? Send them to us and you could recieve £100.

Word association campaign, asking the public to sum up an estate agent in one word. 

Dan has been given a promotion up the ranks in our abbotFox team. Do you want to join a rapidly developing, high reward business?

We are seeking a motivated individual who possesses the hunger and professionalism of a highly dynamic city centre agency but also has the aptitude and nous of how to specialise in a diverse range of top end properties.

The final part of our NR3 series, looking at the Silver Triangle. This artcile looks at the area from our branch manager's perspective. 

The second installment of the series in our week talking about the Silver Triangle area. From the local public house's viewpoints.

The first section of us looking at NR3,  north side of Norwich. Outlining the popularity of the area and the reasons why.

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