All About the Golden Triangle in Norwich


One of the most sought after areas in Norwich is the prestigious Golden Triangle.

Search for “houses for sale Golden Triangle”, and you’ll be served an array of properties, but they soon get snapped up because these exclusive properties are in demand!
It’s also known as the magic triangle, the Norwich triangle of gold, and “The Golden City’, Norwich. People who live here like to fondly call it a golden village within a city and that’s because it has all the characteristics of a village. Just like London is allowed to have its Notting Hill village, here in Norwich we have The Golden Triangle village, which has actually been compared to Notting Hill by many of the major tabloids.

Village life in the Golden Triangle is cool, energised and fashionable with well-heeled residents sipping coffee along the Unthank Road. We have the Unthanks to “thank” for this triangle of gold because if it wasn’t for them moving to Norwich in the 17th century, becoming prosperous and buying up the land in 1793, it could be a completely different story. Unthank road is the centre of the Golden Triangle, and it’s along here that the main hustle and bustle occurs, with its eateries and shops attracting not just the locals but people from afar. The triangle then moves out to Newmarket road, Lime Tree Road and Christchurch Road and then the other way towards Mile End Road and Earlham Road. There was a past argument that Dereham road was to be added to the Golden Triangle, but it never happened, but now purely for Dereham Road, there is a Silver Triangle.

Some of the reasons why The Golden Triangle, Norwich is such a hit:

Walking distance to the city
Quirky houses
Prestigious houses
Fantastic community
Lovely pubs
Foodie heaven
Cosmopolitan vibe
Tree-lined streets
Big breakfasts

A few favourite places of ours in The Golden Triangle are:

Warwick Street Social: A stylish bar and restaurant serving inventive food and cocktails; plus they love dogs to visit which is always a big thumbs up from us! 

The Black Horse: Over 300 years old and still serving great food and drink.

The Unthank Arms: A gorgeous Victorian pub in the heart of The Golden Triangle. Fab drink and food for the locals.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist: Here you can visit the gardens, grab tea and cake and have a tower tour where you get to see a birds-eye view of the historic city of Norwich.

Dozen Artisan Bakery: An independent artisan bakery producing the finest bread and pastry for the people of Norwich.

The Green Grocers: A fabulous foodie haven, not just a grocer! The one stop shop for all your organic requirements.

Our "Golden Triangle Propery Pick" is this lovely 3 bedroom terrace 

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