Are you looking to relocate? How about Norfolk? Many people are choosing to relocate to Norfolk and we have some of the reasons why here.

Are you looking to buy your first home? Sometimes the thought of getting onto the property ladder can be overwhelming but luckily for you there's help at hand.

The Aviva building, also known as The Norwich Union building has been given a new lease of life. The iconic Norwich building has now been transformed into luxury apartments; noted as one of the largest conversions Norwich has witnessed. 

What's it like to work at abbotFox estate agents? 

Ian Forrest tells us; he's been working at abbotFox for over six years and has recently become branch partner.

There are many career opportunities at abbotFox and Ian explains why choosing to work at this Norwich estate agents is a wise move. 

You've heard that there are bungalows in North Norfolk and on the Norfolk Broads, but what about in Norwich? You might be suprised to find out that Norwich does indeed have many bungalows.

Do you live in a flat or an apartment? Perhaps you call your home an apartment but then someone called it a flat; were you offended? In Norwich more and more people say apartment and we think we know why.

Winter is a great time to buy a house in Norwich, for many reasons. Ok, the downside is it's chilly, but we think that you'll find the positives make it completely worthwhile. 

Renting a home in Norwich but working in London, that would never work, or could it? Well, it works for many people and it could work for you too. Read on to find out how you can achieve a good lifestyle balance and be better off in the pocket. 

Living in Norwich is great, especially in your twenties! Norwich has the buzz of the city, but just down the road is the calmness of the countryside for that quick escape.

What's it like working at the largest independent estate agent's in Norwich? We ask Eddie who has spent the last four years working at abbotFox, and has now just been promoted to senior sales negotiator. 

Who are these estate agents in Norwich who call themselves abbotFox? How are they different to other estate agents in Norfolk? abbotFox started as an idea over a cup of coffee and funnily enough coffee is still at the heart of what they do today! 

This week's Norwich property of the week is a great one for first-time buyers. Don't worry it's not a small studio flat, what we have to show you is a house! That's right, jump a few rungs up the ladder and get a house for your first home. 

Norwich is a great city for first time buyers. You might know Norwich well or you might be relocating to Norwich; whichever one you are you'll find plenty of great potential first time homes and help is at hand. 

What does a festive house look like? We found some tremendous festive houses in Norwich that would please Father Christmas himself!

Buying a house in Norwich is exciting because so many homes have so much to offer. Walking around Norwich you soon get to see how individual the homes are, the way they look, their character and their history. Norwich is great place to go house hunting! 

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