Have you been thinking about living by the sea? In Norfolk there are over 50 beaches, so plenty of choice! In fact we think it's the biggest collection of beaches in one UK county. We've picked a few for you to visit during your lookout for your perfect home by the sea. 

Sometimes selling your home is the hardest thing to do, but it has to be done. No-one prepares you for how sad it can be in difficult circumstances; hopefully by having some good people around you it will lessen the burden. 

Retirement is looming, what will you do? Retirement offers a new chapter in your life, an opportunity to make changes, to try something new! Use retirement as an opportunity to relocate and what better place to relocate to than Norfolk. 

Are you looking for the ideal home for you and your horse? Norfolk is the ideal location for house hunting equestrians.

Are you selling your home? Worried that your potential buyers will be put off by the garden? These days how you present the garden really matters. abbotFox gives you some tips on what to do when it comes to your garden.  

Are you hoping to sell your Norfolk home this summer? Do you need some tips so you can sell it fast? Keep reading and get ahead of your competitors by following some abbotFox tips.

How many times do you hear dog owners complain that they can't take their dogs anywhere? Not the case in Norfolk; here it seems that everywhere you go the fluffy family member is always welcome. Being able to take your dog to places around Norfolk makes living here easy.

Thinking about relocating? How about Norfolk? We speak to someone who made the plunge and has no regrets. 

If food is always at the top of your list then you need to live in Norfolk! The county has some incredible restaurants and you're forever rubbing shoulders with celebrity chefs. 

Norwich are in the premier league, so exciting, and think about the opportunities it gives the people and businesses of Norwich! 

We investigate those opportunities more and we also give you the details of the Norwich celebration tour. 

Are you on your way to Norwich to start student life? You're going to love it, Norwich is definitely a cool student city. Some students love Norwich so much that they end up returning to live here, happily ever after! 

Thorpe St Andrew in Norwich seems to have everything. It's such an idylic town to live in, so much so that there's a waiting list for homes. 

Houses for sale in the Golden Triangle, Norwich get snapped up very quickly, in fact there's a waiting list for them. Who wouldn't want to live in the Golden Triangle when it's been dubbed the new Notting Hill! 

Tony was determined to quickly climb the career ladder at abbotFox and his determination has paid off by recently becoming the lettings manager for Norfolk. Tony was mentored by some of the best in the property industry, he applauds them for helping him to gain more skills. 

There are many reasons to why we think Norfolk property is the best, here are just a few of them. 

Tell us why you think Norfolk property is the best.

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